CCD Image Sensors

Scientific CCD Image Sensors

Teledyne e2v has been enabling scientific discoveries for over 30 years through its imaging solutions covering a plethora of disciplines from high energy physics to life sciences through to astronomy.

Our front and backside illuminated (BSI) and backthinned Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) are seen as the gold standard for scientific and quantum imaging in applications in spectroscopy, microscopy, In vivo, x-ray and astronomy. We understand that every imaging application is unique and requires our engineers and scientists to work closely with our customers providing highly tailored imaging solutions.

Coatings and Back-thinning

Teledyne e2v has a broad range of specialist on die anti-reflective (AR) coatings, package surface treatment and window spectral filter design and process capabilities including up to 8 inch silicon wafer back-thinning and die, package and optical window coatings and filters.

Our well established ability to back-thin image sensors is an important component of our capability. The back-thinning process has been developed and refined over many years to the stage where it is a reliable wafer scale operation, with proven variety of optimisations for different wavelength applications.

Teledyne e2v has recently upgraded the operation to process 8 inch wafers with optimised anti-reflection (AR) coatings for applications from ultraviolet (UV) to near infrared for applications such as ground and space astronomy, science and other applications. The upgrade to 8 inch wafer processing includes the development of low reflection coatings over the light shielded part of the image sensors being of particular relevance to new Teledyne product families, especially very large area sensors, which will enable the provision of CMOS and CCD devices that almost completely fill an 8 inch wafer.

Of particular focus has been the design and development of three families of AR coatings to optimise the optical performance achieving stable high quantum efficiency (QE) at VUV and UV wavelengths. This is achieved by depositing materials as part of the back-thinning process using novel technology. High stable UV QE is attained by a combination of optimised AR coatings and controlling the charge state at the back surface.

Teledyne is able to actively collaborate with other organisations an example is where we are working with JPL on providing a back-thinning solution using their delta doped process for some specific requirements.

High Quantum Efficiency

Teledyne e2v’s CCD and CMOS image sensors achieve some of the highest quantum efficiencies possible with key operating wavelength ranges in the 90% region. A wide range of product variants are available in each product family. The graph below shows many commonly used variants. Additional specialised anti-reflective coatings and processing are available; please contact us for more information. ​

Quantum Efficiency

Back Illuminated CCD and CMOS Typical at -20°C


Our range of large area BSI CCD image sensors are integrated into the majority of Observatories worldwide from individual cameras supplied by our OEM partners to the largest focal plane arrays such as the 3.2 Gigapixel LSST camera.

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CCD290-99 | CCD231-C6 | CCD231-84 | CCD250-82 | CCD261-84 | CCD42-40 | CCD272-84 | CCD220


Our CCDs are used in the most demanding Spectroscopy applications with strong capabilities in enhancing UV and NIR sensitivity. 

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CCD30-11 | CCD40-11 | CCD42-10 | CCD207 | CCD261-04 | CCD47-10


Our EMCCDs continue to surpass CMOS sensitivity with photon counting level performance and are used in some the most challenging advanced Microscopy applications like Super Resolution Microscopy.

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CCD97 | CCD201 | CCD351 | CCD60

In Vivo Imaging

Our CCDs are used in pre-clinical trials to develop new drugs and treatments.

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CCD42-40 | CCD55-30 | CCD47-10

X-Ray Imaging

Our CCDs are used for Synchrotron, XFEL and lab basd X-ray imaging. Our specialised BSI processing enhances sensitivity in the soft X-ray and our deep depletion and HiRho CCDs extend sensitivity to higher energies.

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CCD230-84 | CCD42-40 | CCD30-11 | CCD262-50 | CCD292-50 | CCD293-50 | CCD351

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