Innovators in semiconductors, high power RF, imaging, precision timing and engineered systems, Teledyne e2v is present in a diverse set of markets providing state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for critical applications whether it be for advancing medical x-ray or cancer therapy procedures through to advanced fighter jet avionics or Earth observation satellites

RF POWER​​​​​​​​​​

Teledyne e2v pioneers the commercial and defence sectors with industry-leading innovation and technology in standard and custom high power radio frequency solutions meeting exacting performance and specification requirements. Our unique approach to the market and our genuine understanding of applications challenges, from initial concept right through to manufacture, enable us to help our customers optimize their RF system’s performance, reliability and cost of ownership.​



Teledyne e2v provides high quality CMOS and CCD image sensors and sub-systems which deliver high performance across a range of applications including data collection, intra-oral x-ray, ophthalmology, space, surveillance, microscopy and spectroscopy. Teledyne e2v also develops custom solutions with our customers, as their innovation partner.


Teledyne e2v has been producing turnkey focal plane arrays, camera systems, electronics and astronomical cameras for over 15 years. As part of our advanced system and instrument group we act as your partner to collaborate and develop the next generation of scientific products and technologies.​



Teledyne e2v leads and partners academic and industrial groups in the industrialisation of quantum technologies for a myriad of applications covering land, sea, air and space in the fields of atomic precision timing and clocks, cold atom sensors and quantum imaging.

As a leader in the UK National Quantum Technology Programme and with a growing UK based team of scientists and engineers developing the next generation of quantum timing and sensing systems, we are one of the largest commercial capabilities available to commercialise academic research and move demonstration to real life application.