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Your partner for high-powered radio-frequency system performance

Teledyne e2v has a reputation for excellence in radiofrequency technology, which continues to protect, improve and save lives around the world.

With our detailed, end-to-end knowledge of beam generation systems and the way platforms operate in the field, we deliver state-of-the-art radio-frequency and x-ray systems. These integrated and effective systems are built with optimised components and interfaces to achieve the performance, reliability and ease-of-use expected by platform designers, manufacturers and end-users.

As part of our commitment to partners and clients, we constantly seek feedback. This drives component and systems innovation and pushes us to meet both current and future customer needs.

The Technology

The core technology behind our radio frequency systems is a microwave source such as the cavity magnetron, which we continue to design and develop to meet the exacting performance and reliability needs of current and future platforms.

The radio frequency chain is a finely tuned system. For best performance and life, each element of must be configured correctly to achieve optimum results. We continue to develop our modulator technology with this in mind.

Powering critical cancer treatment

Teledyne e2v is proud to supply some of the best technology in the world for treating cancer.

The magnetron module offers the unmatched performance you would expect from all our magnetrons. Drawing on our understanding of radiotherapy platforms, we built in a number of additional features. By integrating shielding to manage both radio frequency noise and x-ray emissions into the design, it saves space, simplifies the gantry design and improves access for routine maintenance.

We continue to develop and apply our expertise to optimise our radio frequency system design through research into component characteristics and their influence on system performance and reliability. When applied at system level, this knowledge enables clients to speed up product development and reduce time to market.

Transport and security
Protecting our borders

Every day, Teledyne e2v technology protects people, infrastructure and borders from a wide range of threats and illegal activities.

We apply our knowledge, experience and expertise in radio-frequency power to deliver the sub-systems that power the linear accelerators to generate x-rays used in gantry, mobile and portable cargo scanning systems around the world. These x-rays enable authorities to safely and accurately detect weapons, stowaways, contraband and other prohibited items.

Driving business efficiency and performance

Teledyne e2v radio-frequency and microwave power systems can be are used in an almost endless range of industrial applications.

From food processing, agricultural production and mining to rubber vulcanisation, polymer and plastic recycling and diamond seeding, the technology can be truly transformative.

Radio-frequency signals power the x-ray devices used in the non-destructive testing of civil infrastructure such as buildings and bridges, and potential hazards including high-capacity storage tanks, pressurised containers and pipelines.

The food processing industry uses x-ray technology to destroy bacteria, sterilise food and improve its quality, safety and shelf-life without any noticeable change in taste, texture or appearance.

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