Space Payloads

With our expertise in both space and quantum technology we are exploring space based quantum instruments. CASPA is Teledyne e2v’s satellite platform for developing and demonstrating quantum scientific sensors and precision atomic timing in space.​

Originally named Cold Atom Space Payload (CASPA), the platform has evolved to a scientific platform based on a 6U cubesat with scalability in mind using a control and electronics suite designed specifically for Low Earth Orbit (LEO).​


With an almost endless possibility for quantum sensing, measurement and control applications in space, Teledyne e2v is focusing on the first commercially useful applications of these with a cold atom accelerometer for measuring atmospheric drag. Working with the STFC RALSpace and University of Birmingham Teledyne e2v will develop a Cold Atom Space Payload (CASPA) Accelerometer for the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI), with the first phase deliverable being a bread board demonstrator of the accelerometer to be ultimately developed into the CASPA cubesat platform. Find out more here.​

Various funding streams are allowing different quantum technology developments to take place with the real world application goals identified.​

Consortium partners:


Some of the applications for ground, sea, air and space cold atom sensors and precision timing systems and the CASPA cubesat platform:​

Gyroscopes​ Inertial navigation​
Accelerometers​ Inertial navigation​
Accelerometers / thermosphere probes​ Atmospheric drag​
Ultra precise timing references​ GNSS​ / Constellation synchronisation​
Magnetometers Mapping the Earths magnetic field​
Gravity sensors​ Measuring Earths gravity field​
Science applications​ Gravitational wave detection​

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