The Ultimate in Deactivation Technology

RF SafeStop is a state-of-the-art, non-contact deactivation technology that generates high power radio-frequency pulses to bring moving targets across land, sea and air to a controlled stop at a safe distance without collateral damage.

RF SafeStop non-contact deactivation technology has been successfully trialed on UAVs, boats, cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles.​

The Technology

RF SafeStop non-contact deactivation technology generates non-lethal, high-power radiofrequency pulses, temporarily confusing the vehicle’s electronic systems and deactivating the engine. This is a directed radio frequency energy system, which deactivates the engine management system of land vehicles and marine vessels to bring them to a controlled stop at a safe distance. Safe Stop deactivates the control and command systems of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)/drones and these can be brought down or landed safely on the ground.

The easy-to-operate, silent unit permits covert operations and can be fitted with a range of antennas to allow for greater stopping ranges.

The systems are energy-efficient and can be configured for a range of mounting methods such as compact variants to easily be installed into a 4x4 off-road flatbed style truck/vehicle or even small boats.


Land​ Sea ​ Air​
Apprehend vehicles Protect entry to harbours and ports To stop unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)​
Maritime asset protection​
Maritime policing