Engineered for outstanding performance

Spark gaps are high-energy, voltage-controlled switching devices that are unique in their ability to repeatedly switch currents of thousands of amperes.

They are commonly used as protection where high-energy transient electrical surges are anticipated, such as voltage protection, lightning protection and crowbar circuits. They are also used to power the lithotripters used to treat kidney stones.

Our range of two and three-electrode spark gaps and accessories are precision engineered for outstanding reliability, longevity and performance.​

The Technology

We design and manufacture a range of two and three-electrode devices, as well as trigger transformers that apply a fast high voltage pulse to the third trigger electrode.

Our spark gaps are available with DC breakdown voltages from 400V to 5kV. They provide high current capabilities and fast switching and can be relied upon to perform over a wide temperature range.

All our spark plugs are constructed using only the highest quality, high alumina ceramics that have been metallised and plated. The brazing and gas filling is computer-controlled, ensuring the brazed joint between the electrodes and the ceramic body is rugged and reliable.

We work closely with our customers throughout the entire life cycle of the spark gap, making sure that they not only choose the right product, but that they also receive the necessary technical support to ensure that the devices perform perfectly for many years.​

Applications and Products​​​​​​​​​​

Spark Gaps
Type​ Series DC or Hold Off Voltage kV
3-electrode spark gaps GXG Series 15 - 50​
GXTC Series 5 - 38​
2-electrode spark gaps GXH Series 250V - 10​​

Type​ Product Number Voltage Transformation Ratio​
Trigger Transformer JR200 62:1​
Trigger Transformer MA785A 150:1​
Trigger Transformer MA819A 100:1​​