Our advanced systems and instruments technology group comprises scientists, engineers and designers that collaborate to invent and develop new sensor products, technologies and systems solutions.

Our heritage and capabilities spans a broad set of markets and applications from space all the way to the ground.​

Intrinsic areas of expertise at our core Reasons to work with us
  • Hi-rel vacuum technology​
  • Microwave engineering​
  • Atomic precision timing​
  • Cold atom systems​
  • Laser cooling​
  • Imaging
  • Requiring a fresh approach to an innovative idea​​
  • Augment your inhouse design engineering capability​
  • Able to work independently and not necessarily promote our own product but instead add value through our capabilities​​
  • Timescales to meet your needs​
  • Laser cooling​
  • Secure site and processes​

Quantum sensing and timing technology and systems are a natural extension of Teledyne e2v’s expertise in quantum imaging, space and ruggedized design heritage as well high grade vacuum sealing expertise, microwave engineering and sensor design experience.

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