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Quantum Technology

Industrialising Quantum Technologies for real-life applications

Our understanding of matter has become ever more detailed over time. Starting from the bulk and macroscopic properties of matter, it was a breakthrough when properties on a microscopic level could be readily viewed and understood.

Quantum technologies concern an even smaller scale and seek to exploit the special properties of individual atoms or photons.

As the science behind these Quantum properties has become better understood we are now close to being able to harness these effects to produce devices that have exciting new applications in the real world.

There is a global effort under way by the major industrialised nations to translate quantum science from labs and research institutions into real-life applications that will positively impact industry and commerce.

At Teledyne e2v, the seemingly impossible will become possible. Quantum technologies are set to provide much-improved capabilities in timing, sensing and measurement, electronics, imaging, computing and simulation, and communications.

Join us! At Teledyne e2v we are always looking for talented, motivated individuals to join us in this growing area. See our recruitment page or if you have relevant experience in cold atom interferometry, atomic clocks or vapour cell magnetometry we would love to hear from you. Contact us on or 01245 453 408.

Download the Quantum Technology brochure.

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