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EV12DD700 Data Converter

Be ready to use the latest Teledyne e2v DAC EV12DD700 direct signal synthesis up to Ka band

Be the first ones to discover our EV12DD700 features:

  • Widest output instantaneous bandwidth
  • Largest -3dB bandwidth
  • Real mode or complex mode with Interpolation by 4, 8 or 16.
  • Other digital features available (Fast frequency hopping, beamforming, beamhopping…)

And get advanced information and tools:

Radiation Tolerant 4GB DDR4 memory: New application material available

DDR4 MemoryTeledyne e2v recently launched its radiation tolerant 4GB DDR4 memory on the market (check out our latest press release), and is getting lots of traction from lead customers to include this memory in their new designs. Teledyne e2v is proud to release new application material to help customers go faster withtheir designs, this includes:



  • Signal Integrity simulation model in Spice format to verify the DDR4 bus performance,

  • Thermal model in Ansys Icepak format to design and verify cooling system,

  • For customers targeting to use the DDR4 memory with a XILINX Radiation Tolerant Kintex UltraScale FPGA, a custom part configuration file is available. This file can be imported in the Memory Interface Generator (MIG) of VIVADO environment to automatically configure the specific parameters required for the memory.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to obtain this new application material.

QlevEr Sat: Project is on the rails!

Lead by the CSUG (Grenoble University Space Centre), the QlevEr Sat project aims at associating a heavy computing processing module (Qormino® QLS1046-4GB) and a high sensitivity  imager (EMERALD) on a nanosatellite, both space grade products from Teledyne e2v, and at demonstrating capability of this architecture to run Artificial Intelligence algorithms for earth observation applications.

The project was officially announced on 14th April 2020 (press release). The CSUG project team was nominated, and the kick-off meeting was successfully done on 28th May 2020. The architecture definition and feasibility study is now on-going based on development kits for the Qormino processing module and Emerald image sensor. The optical design is being studied and prototyped, and the Artificial Intelligence uses cases are being specified by MIAI (Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence) to plan the software development phase.

Qormino® QT1040-4GB and QLS1046-4GB development kits are being shipped

Qormino Processing ModuleDevelopment kits are available for Qormino processing modules, so that customers can evaluate the products and start their developments with those platforms. The kits exist for QT1040-4GB and QLS1046-4GB versions, and product briefs are available online (QT1040-4GB product brief, QLS1046-4GB product brief).

A number of development kits have already been delivered to customers for High Reliability or Space applications.

Contact us to request a loan or a quote.

Deep Dive on Teledyne e2v High Reliability Qualification – The increased quality you get versus alternative testing options.

Let’s go straight to the point: Aerospace & Defense systems require an utmost level of Reliability.

  • This is what Avionics & Safety Critical Avionics projects require: see DO-254 Qualification, DAL / Development Assurance Level
  • This is also what Military & Defense systems are looking for versus the use cases they must comply with.
  • Finally, Space projects are even pulling these standards towards higher levels, due to the final environment they will be sent to.

As the leading provider of Aerospace & Defense digital compute intensive solutions, Teledyne is ensuring that all its products are matching those requirements; Teledyne e2v is also driving Market quality standards for Space products (Download our Space Flows Comparison Chart).

The key differentiators from Teledyne e2v sit in using:

  • Genuine test programs from original manufacturer, migrated towards in High Reliability domains,
  • Characterization & qualification of the devices in High Reliability domains on same Testers as the original manufacturer.
  • Deep knowledge from 35+ years of experience.

This makes the huge difference on Teledyne e2v digital compute intensive solutions Quality & Reliability versus competition who is partially re-creating test programs.

Indeed, some errors such as Single Stuck bits, Transition Faults, …will never be observed by only re-creating test programs of complex ICs.

Want to go deeper into the details, please contact us!