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28 June 2019

Teledyne e2v and Logic-X are collaborating on the design and development of an FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) that incorporates two of the latest Converter chips from Teledyne e2v

Alphen a/d Rijn, the Netherlands, June 28 2019 –  Logic-X, a provider of high-quality sensor processing products that solve its customer’ embedded and edge processing challenges, and Teledyne e2v today announced they work together to deliver commercial off the shelf products that are designed and manufactured in Europe based on the Teledyne e2v digital-to-analog (DAC) and analog-to-digital (ADC) devices.

Teledyne e2v and Logic-X are collaborating on the design and development of an FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) that incorporates two of the latest Converter chips from Teledyne e2v.  Those are the EV12DS460A and the EV12AS350B. The EV12DS460A is a ground breaking DAC which provides an analog bandwidth extending beyond 7GHz facilitating multi-band, direct digital synthesis up to K-band (26.5GHz), with a very short latency of 3 clock cycles. The EV12AS350B is set to be the only 12-bit resolution ADC on the market that combines signal digitization at 5.4GSps, input bandwidth in excess of 4.8GHz and latency as low as 26 clock cycles with a noise floor of -150dBm/Hz.

“At Logic-X, our vision is that we offer our customers a complete portfolio of commercial off the shelf sensor processing products comprising of Adaptable Compute Acceleration Platforms and sensor interface products. The performance and quality of the Teledyne e2v data converters is unmatched in the industry and it only makes sense for Logic-X to design products based on their devices.” Says Erik Barhorst, Managing Director and founder of Logic-X.

With these two products Logic-X design the LXD30000 with an analog input stage that has a very wide input -3 dB bandwidth above 4.8GHz and the low latency 5.4GSps ADC (EV12AS350B). With this device the FMC delivers unmatched performance with regards to SFDR, close in phase noise and latency (4.8 ns). Sampling at 5.4 GSps offers an instantaneous bandwidth of 2.7GHz. Surpassing the analog input, the analog output on the FMC offers an even lower latency (0.6 ns) using the EV12DS460A DAC device. The output passband is from 0.5MHz to 7GHz and the instantaneous output bandwidth is 1.35GHz. Both the ADC and DAC offer 12-bits resolution further contributing to achieve best in class signal to noise ratios. Systems that benefits greatly from this product are:

  • Electronic Warfare systems
  • Radar waveform generators and receivers
  • Advanced digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) systems
  • Medical systems
  • Telecommunication systems

“At Teledyne e2v, we love our customers and we are particularly excited about those who push the limits of feasibility.  And as microwave technology becomes increasingly digital, we are pleased to support and to enable the Logic-X team to push the analog bandwidths and extend the digital control of microwave and RF signals. Because LXD30000 leverages well the benefits of the extended analog bandwidths and the short latency of our devices, Logic-X is now strongly positioned for further innovations at digitizing and processing the microwave world, and on this journey we continue to work hard on our R&D to deliver Logic-X with disruptive next generations of data conversion technology. We are looking forward to further exciting innovations together with Logic-X” – (Nicolas Chantier Marketing Director – Data and Signal Processing Solutions)

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phone: +31 172 899020

About Teledyne e2v: Teledyne e2v’s innovations lead developments in healthcare, life sciences, space, transportation, defence and security, and industrial markets.  Teledyne e2v’s unique approach involves listening to the market and application challenges of customers and partnering with them to provide innovative standard, semi-custom or fully-custom data converters solutions, bringing increased value to their systems. Website:

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