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25 August 2009

e2v to present ASIC design paper at Eurosensors Conference

Thierry Masson, design expert for Mixed Signal Asics business unit, will present “A re-configurable sigma-delta modulator for use with capacitive sensors” at Eurosensors XIII conference in Lausanne on the 8th September 2009

Abstract :

Capacitive sensors have different configurations depending on their fabrication; some sensors are a simple single capacitor while others provide a differential structure. A readout component needs to be flexible to adapt to these different structures. Capacitance to voltage conversion based on sigma-delta techniques [1] provides a precise and high resolution method for readout but current implementations can be fixed to a particular sensor configuration.

This paper describes the design of a re-configurable sigma-delta front end able to interface with a large range of MEMS capacitive sensors (accelerometers and pressure), humidity sensors and capacitive level and position sensors.

The design has been realized in silicon and performance of the readout system with a number of different types of capacitive sensors is described and results are presented.

White paper written by A. Glascott-Jones, T Masson, JF Debroux, K Salmi, F Salvi

For more information on this white paper, please contact Sylvie Mattei :