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18 May 2015

e2v technologies plc, announces its results for the year ended 31 March 2015

e2v technologies plc, announces its results for the year ended 31 March 2015.  Bringing life to technologyâ„¢, e2v partners with its customers to improve, save and protect peopleâ€s lives.  e2v delivers innovative technology for high performance systems and equipment, leading developments in communications, automation, discovery, healthcare and the environment.


Highlights  Year ended31 March 2015


Year ended31 March 2014


Revenue 224.9 217.7
Adjusted(1) operating profit 40.1 34.7
Adjusted(1) profit before tax 39.0 33.6
Profit before tax 30.1 33.1
Net (borrowings)/cash(2) (5.2) 0.8
Adjusted(3) earnings per share 13.68 p 11.73 p
Earnings per share 10.94 p 11.59 p
Dividend per share 5.1 p 4.4 p


  • Good set of results with a steady performance across H1 and H2.
  • Adjusted operating profit up 15.6%, reflecting a strengthening of the Groupâ€s operational foundations, reduced costs through reorganisation and FX benefit. 
  • Cash generated from operations of £49.5m. Net borrowings of £5.2m after the purchase and successful integration of AnaFocus.
  • 12 month order book growth at 14%, supporting growth plans.
  • Full year dividend increased 15.9%.


  1. Adjusted operating profit and adjusted profit before tax are before specific items.
  2. Net borrowings exclude debt issue costs.
  3. Adjusted earnings is profit before specific items less tax where applicable.

Commenting on the results, Steve Blair, Group CEO said: “In my first year, I am pleased to report that we are delivering on ‘our vision, our futureâ€.  We have continued to focus on our customers and strengthened our operational foundations by further simplifying the business and increasing divisional responsibility and empowerment.  We are pleased with the performance of AnaFocus since its acquisition in September and it has already been successfully integrated. Overall, we have delivered a good performance, including a strong finish to the year, in what remained challenging markets.

“Over the forthcoming year our focus will continue to be on our customers, innovation and operating with excellence which, we believe, will enable us to deliver growth.  Whilst we remain cautious about the broader economic environment, and assuming no deterioration in market conditions, our outlook for the current financial year remains unchanged.”

For further information, please contact:

e2v Press Office: +44(0)1245 453 625

FTI consulting: +44 (0)20 3727 1340