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19 August 2013

e2v introduces QorIQ microprocessors in leaded packages and extended-reliability versions for high reliability applications

Aerospace and defense industries have both a demand and approval to use Non-RoHS electronic components. New generation microprocessors released to the market are predominantly only available in RoHS packaged options, leaving these aerospace and defense applications with a trade-off between the reliability of leaded packages and the improved performance of the latest RoHS compliant processors.

Under the framework agreement between e2v and Freescale, e2v is now able offer qualified QorIQ processors which have undergone de-balling and re-balling processes, while overcoming the numerous reliability challenges associated with the process such as: coplanarity compliance on large packages in excess of 1000 balls, pitch accuracy, lid attach reliability issues and occurrence of whiskers around the balls near the package edges and between lid and substrate.

Through process optimization, post-process structural analysis and full post-process part qualification, including temperature cycling and SAM [NOTE: What is SAM? Should be spelled out], e2v can now offer fully qualified P2020 QorIQ processors with SnPb lead finish. This will soon also include P4080 processors.

The P2020 QorIQ processors are produced in an organic plastic package with wire bonding technology, while the P4080 QorIQ processor is built using Flip-Chip technology on organic substrate with a top-lid and built-in under-lid heat spreader.

“We are pleased to achieve the successful qualification of both these products built on very different structures. This puts e2v in a position to offer to a broad range of PowerPC or latest generation of QorIQ processors in high reliability versions with SnPb lead finish, without sacrificing reliability or system performance.” said Eric Marcelot, Head of Semiconductor Marketing at e2v, adding “the recently announced e2v PC8378 and PC8379 are built with similar package structure as P2020, and so will be offered shortly by e2v in leaded package options”.

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