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14 September 2009

e2v introduces new high spec 1.3MP CMOS image sensor, with embedded features, for industrial imaging

Featuring dual ‘true global’ and ‘rolling’ shutter modes, the EV76C560 is the first in a family of high-sensitivity CMOS imagers aimed specifically at industrial machine vision, barcode scanning, surveillance and other demanding imaging applications.

This new device is ideal for applications requiring superior low-light performance or where very short integration times are necessary (for example in high speed video streaming applications), or where illumination power must be minimised. The 1280 x 1024 imager comprises 5.3µ pixels with a unique architecture that assures very high efficiency global shuttering (3000:1) while maintaining excellent quantum efficiency (QE). It outputs full resolution images in a 10bit parallel format at 60 frames per second. Furthermore, with the ability to switch ‘on the fly’ to a true 4T electronic rolling shutter mode, users can optimise the signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance against available lighting and scene motion content capture requirements.

Novel pixel integration/readout modes and embedded image pre-processing deliver superior performance parameters including a bi-frame wide dynamic range (>100dB) free of the artefacts normally encountered with non-linear WDR techniques, to enable imaging of day-lit scenes with excellent colour and contrast ratio in both shaded and bright regions of the image.

Image analysis algorithms and multi-tasking video applications perform like never before due to unique features such as multiple regions of interest (i.e. 4 separate windows) that provide users with unprecedented control. Each window frame output carries its own image histogram encoded in the image data stream footer. In addition to the size and position of each window, the EV76C560 offers the user control of the integration time, gain, sub-sampling, repetition rate and other uniquely configured parameters; rather like having up to 4 different sensors under the same lens.
Gareth Powell, Marketing Manager of e2v’s Industrial Imaging Group said, “We have received great feedback from tests on initial sample devices by our partners and customers; that the EV76C560 is the only device of its kind serving professional imaging markets which has been specifically designed with the performance and features demanded by these markets and to the right price.”

The current EV76C560 will be released to full production in a CLCC48 package by the end of this year, with samples available now. A 2MP version with identical optical format and with pin to pin and software compatibility with the current device is planned for release early next year.

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e2v’s objective is to be a global leader in the design and supply of specialised components and sub-systems that enable the world’s leading systems companies to deliver innovative solutions for medical & science, aerospace & defence, and commercial & industrial markets.

e2v is organised into four divisions:
• High performance electron devices and subsystems for applications including defence electronic countermeasures, radiotherapy cancer treatment, radar systems, industrial heating, satellite communications amplifiers and digital television transmitters.
• Advanced CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and cameras for applications including space, science and life science imaging, industrial process control, intra-oral and panoramic dental X-ray systems, military surveillance and automotive imaging.
• Specialist Semiconductors – including logic, memory and microprocessors for high reliability microprocessor and MRAM requirements, in partnership with Freescale Semiconductor and Everspin, mission-critical avionics and defence programs requiring high reliability integrated circuits, high speed data converters and sensor data acquisition utilising mixed signal application specific devices.
• A range of professional sensing products for applications including environmental safety, x-ray spectroscopy, automotive alarm and security systems, microwave radar and safety and arming devices, fire rescue and security thermal imaging.

For the year ended 31 March 2009, e2v achieved sales of £233m and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. In October 2008 e2v acquired QP semiconductor, a leading US-based designer and supplier of specialty semiconductor components used in military and aerospace applications, establishing e2v’s first US manufacturing base.

The Company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has approximately 1700 employees in six production facilities across Europe and North America. e2v also operates a global network of sales and technical support offices, supported by local distributors and resellers.

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