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9 November 2010

e2v introduces a new low power 12-bit 3 GSPS S-band digital-to-analogue converter, a breakthrough for software defined microwave signal generation.

e2v, the hi-rel semiconductor solutions provider, announced today the launch of a new 12-bit 3 Giga-Samples Per Second (GSPS) Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). With up to 5GHz output frequency for software defined microwave signal generation, the EV12DS130A, showcasing at Electronica 2010 in Munich, Germany, is designed to meet the needs of a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) systems, including communication and SAR based Earth observation satellites, electronic warfare systems, Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) systems, cable modems and automated test equipment.

Thanks to its Nyquist zone width of 1.5GHz, e2v’s new DAC accommodates signals with an instantaneous bandwidth exceeding 1.2GHz. The 12bit dynamic range meets channel to channel isolation and noise floor requirements across the whole DOCSIS 3.0 frequency range. It also delivers performance levels of at least 10bits in frequencies well into S-band and 3rd Nyquist zone, thus allowing for direct digital synthesis at these microwave frequencies. In combination with a Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) exceeding 70dB, it has the high sensitivity and imaging contrast needed for military equipment and SAR radar satellites.

As a result of the very high slew rate at the DAC output stage from the 5GHz output bandwidth, designers of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) can achieve a complete DAC output voltage swing over the full 12bit range in less than 50ps. Due to the low power consumption of only 1.2W, when compared to previous generations, the new GHz DAC can also reduce power supply sizing and battery weight. Designers of satellite payloads can then benefit by reducing the payload size and so reduce launch costs. The 4/2:1 multiplexer built into the DAC input stage enables the use of lower cost FPGA since it removes stringent restrictions on FPGA IO speed, full speed 3GSPS data flow can be fed into EV12DS130A series of DACs using a 4:1 DAC MUX factor and an FPGA with IO speeds of 750Mbps.

“This new MUXDAC marks e2v’s return to the GHz DAC market with a leading-edge low power DAC which opens the way for software defined microwave applications” said Nicolas Chantier, Product Marketing Manager at e2v’s hi-rel semiconductor solutions division.

e2v application engineers will be running live demonstration of the EV12DS130A at e2v’s lab on booth 181, Hall A5 at Electronica 2010 – Munich Nov. 9th to 12th 2010.

The EVX12DS130AZPY is now sampling in a fpBGA 196 (15×15) RoHS package and will be specified over Commercial (Tc >0°C Tj <90°C) and Industrial (-40°C Tc > -40°C; Tj< 110°C) temperature ranges when in production.
The EVX12DS130AGS version is also sampling now in CI-CGA 255 (21×21) ceramic package and is due to be specified in military and space qualification grades.

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e2v Press contact:
Sylvie Mattei, Communications Manager
Phone: +33 4 76 58 30 25


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