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1 December 2015

e2v and ApisSys to launch state-of-the-art transmitter receiver board

Utilizing the power of e2v’s next-generation Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) technologies, ApisSys is developing its most advanced transmitter receiver board to date, the AV125. The prototype is scheduled for release mid-2016.

The AV125 will be the first C-band capable ADC-DAC-FPGA that combines 2GHz of instantaneous bandwidth with a total latency of 30 nanoseconds from ADC input to DAC output. The previously unachievable possibilities of ApisSys’ AV125 are realized with e2v’s newly announced EV12AS350 ADC and EV12DS400 DAC.

The microwave capable data converters from e2v enable signal processing of up to 4.5GSps whilst retaining very stable performance vs. temperature. Unrivalled performance in demanding environments makes the AV125 ideal for electronic warfare, digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) and wideband communication applications.

Richard Gibbs, President of e2v Semiconductors, said, “e2v is delighted to work closely with ApisSys to develop a board that contains both our latest ADC and DAC solutions. The AV125 from ApisSys will offer the embedded market a solution for ultra-wideband applications that truly harnesses the latest in e2v data converter technology.”

Xavier Bernard, President of ApisSys, commented, “The AV125 will be our most advanced ADC-DAC-FPGA board ever developed, addressing the need for ultra-wideband, high dynamic range applications. Thanks to the recently announced data converters from e2v, ApisSys can demonstrate its commitment to provide unsurpassed performances to the worldwide defense market once more.”

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Notes to Editor:
About e2v: Bringing life to technology, e2v partners with its customers to improve, save and protect people’s lives. Delivering innovative technology for high performance systems and equipment, e2v leads developments in communications, automation, discovery, healthcare and the environment.

e2v employs approximately 1750 people worldwide, has design and operational facilities across Europe, North America and Asia, and has a global network of sales and technical support offices. e2v has annual sales of GB225M and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


About ApisSys: ApisSys is “The Partner” dedicated to deliver best in class, very high speed data conversion and signal processing solutions for Electronic Warfare and Radar applications.
The ApisSys range of OpenVPX COTS products as well as customs solutions provides customers with leading edge technologies for wideband ESM, DRFM or 3D radar applications.

ApisSys is a privately owned company located in France and has a global network of sales representatives in Europe, North America and Asia.