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19 August 2013

e2v adds the P2041 and P3041 quad-core processors to its portfolio of high-reliability QorIQâ„¢ products

e2v, a leading global provider of hi-rel semiconductor solutions, has announced the availability of their P2041 and P3041 processors.  These are extended-reliability versions of Freescaleâ€s quad core QorIQâ„¢ processors for power-sensitive and computation intensive applications for demanding environments such as aerospace and defense.

High performance systems require the advanced capabilities offered by multicore integrated processors, while at the same time keeping power levels as low as possible.  For military and aerospace applications, the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) characteristics are also key to the success of any new design. To address these requirements, e2v has added two quad-core processors to its portfolio of high-reliability QorIQ™ products.  The P2041 processor is the entry-level member of this family and features embedded data path acceleration that simplifies and improves design capabilities based on multicore environments. The P3041 is pin-to-pin and software compatible with processors from the QorIQ™ P4 and P5 series (specifically the P4080 octal core processor already available from e2v), offering customers a good level of design flexibility.

Both of the new e2v QorIQâ„¢ processors combine four Power Architectureâ„¢ e500mc cores that can run up to 1.5 GHz, enabling high-performance computing with a low-power budget in the 13W range. The P2041 and P3041 processors also feature data path acceleration for optimized multicore network processing, 3 levels of memory cache, DDR3/3L memory controllers with error correction code and a broad set of high-speed communication peripherals. In addition, the trust architecture implemented in the e500mc core and peripherals enables aerospace and defense customers to design systems with the highest possible security level.

Both devices are manufactured using an advanced 45 nanometers SOI process. The P2041 processor is offered in a small footprint 780-ball BGA package while the P3041 processor is available in a 1295-ball BGA package pin-to-pin compatible with processors from the QorIQâ„¢ P4 and P5 series.

Eric Marcelot, marketing manager at e2v said, “The QorIQ™ P2041 and P3041 processors provided by e2v will allow high-level computing which will match the requirements in military and civil avionics. The quad core integrated processors from the QorIQ P2 and P3 families are key components to enhance SWaP characteristics of military and aerospace electronics.”

Both P2041 and P3041 processors are now available from e2v with extended temperature (-40°C to +110°C) and RoHS compliant packaging. In response to aerospace and defense demands for specific non-RoHS electronics, e2v intends to release leaded versions of P2041 and P3041 processors with full qualification up to military temperature range (-55°C to +125°). The qualification work is currently being performed and should be completed before the end of 2013. In the meantime, samples of the leaded version of P2041 and P3041 are available now, allowing customers to initiate their design work.

Leaded QorIQâ„¢ processors from e2v are provided with full manufacturer warranty and included in the e2v Semiconductor Lifecycle Management (SLiM), program securing long-term availability.

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