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19 August 2013

e2v adds high reliability Qorivvaâ„¢ microcontrollers to its portfolio of semiconductor solutions for aerospace and defense

e2v, a leading global provider of hi-rel semiconductor solutions, today announced plans to support Qorivva™ microcontrollers with the release of hi-rel versions.  The first product to be added to the catalogue will be the PC5674F, a product that will deliver the next generation of avionic processing elements, high computing performance with minimal power consumption.

Distributed electronics for airborne platforms are starting to attract significant interest from the aerospace and defense industries. Electronic controls embedded directly inside the jet engines, or installed on the aircraft wings, can save a significant amount of cable weight, as well as increasing the performance of the overall system (including enhanced fuel efficiency). These electronic controllers are required to survive both high temperatures and extreme cold environments, while at the same time being able to process data and perform complex calculations.  The new e2v PC5674F will meet these requirements, embedding memory and analog functions, which enables significant board footprint savings. The availability of an extended reliability version of the PC5674F will also allow customers to innovate by embedding computing elements closer to the actuators, which are exposed to harsh environments, enhancing the performance of the system while reducing cable weight. The PC5674F also represents a real path for improvement to all customers that are currently using legacy MPC555, MPC566, and MPC5554 on airborne platforms.

The PC5674F is based on a Power Architectureâ„¢ e200z7 core that runs up to 264MHz and embeds advanced features such as a Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) capable Floating Point Unit (FPU) for digital signal processing, a 32-entry Memory Management Unit (MMU) and a 32KB L1 cache. The PC5674F features the eTPU2 time processor unit, an advanced programmable I/O controller that allows the processor to perform complex timing and I/O management independently from the core. In addition, PC5674F offers several communication interfaces, including FlexCAN, eSCI, DSPI, as well as an External Bus Interface (EBI).

This high-end microcontroller also features 4MB of on-chip flash memory with Error Correction Code (ECC), reducing PCB footprint and complexity. An integrated 64 channels Quad 12-bit ADC allows the PC5674F to receive signals directly from sensors, eliminating the need for some analog components on the board.

Eric Marcelot, marketing manager at e2v said, “The PC5674F is a great addition to our portfolio of processors for aerospace and defense. Very low power processing elements within the full military temperature range are key for embedded applications such as distributed avionics. We expect that this high-reliability microcontroller will allow our customers to build innovative systems for next generation aircraft.”

e2v will offer PC5674F in a 516-ball PBGA package with RoHS-compliant or leaded finish options. In addition to military temperature range availability (-55°C to +125°C), e2v also plans to develop a 150°C high-temperature screened version of the processor for customers that will require temporary exposure to extreme environments.


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