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2 June 2020

CBBC case study | China Gateway 2019

Teledyne e2v designs and manufactures critical products for radiotherapy systems for the treatment of cancer. These products are used in approximately 90% of the radiotherapy systems installed in hospitals and cancer centres worldwide, and have been integrated into multiple new radiotherapy platforms.

Goals for China

Teledyne e2vâ€s goals for the China market were to have its innovative technical solutions designed and integrated into new radiotherapy platforms.

The company also wished to invest in the expansion of its existing production assembly facilities in Beijing which provide sales and engineering support, product assembly, testing and stocking for its customers throughout China. Teledyne e2v wished to strengthen its local supply chain and establish strong technical partnerships in the area.

Sector expertise

To help achieve its goals in China, Teledyne e2v sought CBBCâ€s expertise with the commissioning of a China Gateway market research project. The company initially opted to work with CBBC as a result of the in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector held by CBBC staff. CBBCâ€s strong links with relevant organisations and companies across China was also of importance to Teledyne e2v.

Tailor-made support

CBBCâ€s tailor-made customised support services helped Teledyne e2v to better understand key aspects of the healthcare sector, particularly those relating to medical equipment for cancer treatment; in addition, Teledyne e2vâ€s staff benefited from attending informative seminars organised by CBBC in London and Beijing, allowing them to network with relevant professionals and expand their industry knowledge.

China presence

Teledyne e2vâ€s commissioning of a China Gateway project has ultimately provided the company with an in-depth understanding of healthcare policies and procurement processes in China: helping it to develop its future growth strategy in-market.


“We asked CBBC to develop a tailored project which would give us an-depth understanding of key aspects of the healthcare sector. This project delivered results which met our expectations and assisted us in developing our future growth strategy in China. We have always found the CBBC teams in the UK and China to be very supportive.” – Pat Howland, Market & Strategy Manager