Solid State Modulators

High energy, high speed, high performance

Teledyne e2v offers a range of compact modulator systems based on our patented solid-state switching technology.

High-power solid-state modulators are designed for radar and linear accelerator applications. When combined with vacuum electronic devices such as magnetrons, they provide a versatile, pulsed microwave source that is suitable for a wide range of industrial, scientific and medical applications.

We have the full in-house capability to develop market-leading technology from conception and design through to manufacture. Thanks to our exacting engineering standards, every device can be trusted to deliver accurate and reliable performance.

The Technology

A Teledyne e2v modulator is a direct switching unit, designed to drive either our microwave tubes or those from other manufacturers.

The high-voltage devices provide a proven alternative to conventional “line and hard valve-type” modulator technology. Using innovative assemblies of solid state switches, together with compatible power supplies and energy storage units, provides a significant improvement in pulse shape and quality.

A flexible, compact control system offers the ability to remotely vary the pulse parameters on a pulse-to-pulse basis. These features make the units ideal for systems where precise energy control is essential.

Our MPT5838 and MPT5839 modulator systems are designed specifically for medical radiotherapy linear accelerator use. When combined with a Teledyne e2v magnetron they provide a reliable, high-energy, pulsed microwave source for electron acceleration.

Improving and saving lives

Every 0.25 seconds a patient is treated for cancer using Teledyne e2v technology.

Our devices are found in over 90% of the world’s radiotherapy treatment machines. They power the linear accelerators that produce the high-energy x-rays that destroy cancer cells.

We work with our clients to develop state-of-the-art devices, from design and research to manufacture and installation.

We also provide in-depth training and ongoing technical support to hospital engineers and medical professionals, enabling them to deliver faster and more accurate cancer treatment to patients every day of the year.

Transport and security
Protecting our borders

Teledyne e2v solid-state modulators protect people, infrastructure and borders from a wide range of threats and unlawful activities.

They form the core of the linear accelerators used in gantry, mobile and portable cargo scanning systems around the world. The high-energy x-ray imaging enables authorities to safely and accurately detect weapons, stowaways, drugs and other prohibited items.

The technology is widely used at seaports, border crossings and other high-volume ports of entry and cargo facilities or any location where reliable images, efficient processing and the ability to quickly interpret data is vital.


Driving business efficiency and performance

Teledyne e2v modulators power an almost endless range of industrial applications.

From food processing, agricultural production and mining to rubber vulcanisation, polymer and plastic recycling and diamond seeding, the technology can be truly transformative.

The modulators power the x-ray imaging devices that are used in the non-destructive testing of civil infrastructure such as buildings and bridges, and potential hazards including high-capacity storage tanks, pressurised containers and pipelines.

The food processing industry also uses our technology to destroy bacteria, sterilise food and improve its quality, safety and shelf-life.

Protecting our armed forces and citizens

Teledyne e2v solid state modulators power the naval, military and security radars that are used to protect assets and detect hazards across land, air and sea.

They are specially designed to operate at extremely high frequencies and with very low noise levels to quickly detect small or complex threats at long range. They are also optimised for high pulse repetition frequency and quick start-up so that danger can be tracked from the start.

In an environment where it is crucial to be one step ahead, we are continually developing new technologies and systems to ensure our customers maintain their operational advantage.


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