Atomic Clocks

Society has become dependent on atomic time. Atomic clocks underpin our financial transactions, communications services and broadcast services, but they are expensive to produce and maintain.

Quantum technology brings a new generation of clocks which are smaller, more accurate and cost effective, and as a result this is driving an evolution of new time-critical products and services. ​

MINAC Precision Timing Reference

For holdover in GNSS challenging environments or where maintained timing precision is essential if GPS signals become unavailable or denied Teledyne e2v has developed a family of easy-to-use precision timing references.​

The MINAC product family are easy-to-use, caesium atom disciplined, precision timing references for a wide range of applications. Standard outputs include 1PPS & 10 MHz with the option for 1 PPS in synchronization.​

Designed and manufactured in the UK these clocks provide an excellent timing source using Teledyne e2v produced high performance physics packages and low noise electronics.​

The clock features full auto start with lock to atomic reference being established within a short time of turn on and indicated by visual indication on the front panel.​

The clocks are designed to provide holdover in GNSS challenging environments or where maintained timing precision is essential if GPS signals become unavailable or denied and compliment positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems.​

MINAC offers a new compact route to a caesium timing standard with low power consumption and configuration options.​

Multiple options for customisation to tailor the device to specific applications around performance and environmental requirements are available.​

Key features:
  • Caesium atom disciplined​
  • High timing precision​
  • Auto lock​
  • Built-in featuring​
  • Non-ITAR​
  • Telecoms
  • Broadcast
  • Utilities
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
Quantum Timing Short Introduction

Teledyne e2v | How to tame your Quantum Technology Webinar | Quantum Technology Showcase Nov 2020
Chip Scale Precision Timing Reference

The Teledyne Chip Scale Atomic Clock (TCSAC) is ideal for applications where a clock with high accuracy, high stability, and low power consumption is needed. The TCSAC provides these characteristics at an affordable price. Teledyne e2v has a long history of providing technology-based components and systems for use in complex applications.​

The TCSAC is designed with a configurable output frequency to meet your particular application requirements. The unit will also accept an external 1 PPS signal to discipline its frequency and the phase of its 1 PPS output.​

An RS-232 serial interface is available to monitor and control the unit. The interface also allows the TCSAC internal time of day to be set and interpreted.​

Key features:​
  • Configurable output frequency​
  • Low power​
  • RS-232 interface​
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