Gravity Measurement

Quantum gravity measurement is emerging as a new frontier in sensing, bringing the ability to passively detect objects and voids, through difficult to penetrate materials such as soil, rock, lead and water. Gravity measurement using cold atom interferometers is set to revolutionise nearly all industries from civil to oil and gas, mining to maritime, and medical to defence.​

Teledyne e2v is developing a quantum gravity gradient sensor that is based on cold atom interferometry technology. These technologies are inherently referenced to the properties of an atom and therefore possess an unparalleled stability. Due to noise rejection, brought about by the gradient measurement, the measurement speed can be​ orders of magnitude faster than conventional methods.​

Cold atom chambers and associated systems are exploiting Teledyne e2v’s long heritage in advanced engineering to enable field measurements and in other hostile environments.

Core capabilities and expertise in:​

  • Quantum mechanics​
  • Atomic and photonic science​
  • High grade vacuum sealing and system engineering​
  • Laser system design and cooling using lasers​
  • Microwave systems​
  • Instrument design​
  • Field measurement​
  • System design for hostile environments

The benefits and applications of quantum gravity measurement are evolving all the time as the sensor technology evolves, sensitivity and performance increases and the systems undergo size, weight, power and also cost improvements through commercialization activities.​

Benefits of cold atom interferometry:
  • Highly penetrating sensing capability​
  • Sensitive to changes in nearby density or mass​
  • Gravity gradient sensor for advanced environmental resilience, & faster measurement time​
  • Engineered for robustness and environmental stability
  • Detect natural or artificial variations in ground conditions, revealing:​
  • Tunnel workings​
  • Sink holes & other voids​
  • Oil, gas & water mixtures in oil fields​
  • Heavy materials, such as radioactive substances or lead​
  • Certain geologies​
  • Changes in Earth-scale masses, ocean currents, volcanology, glaciers etc.​
  • Navigation
Quantum Cold Atom Laboratory Equipment

Teledyne e2v has also developed a range of lab equipment for quantum research that is based on years of experience and has allowed us to tailor vacuum systems for cold atom measurements and experiments with innovative approaches to control electronics for these specific applications.​

The benefit to academia and industry is you can focus on your area of interest and worry less about developing bespoke supporting infrastructure. Teledyne e2v can provide miniature vacuum systems and control electronics. All of our devices are designed to take the hassle out of quantum research, helping you concentrate on cutting-edge science. We supply standard components and subsystems as well as bespoke devices. All of our devices are made in the UK and are ITAR free.​

Miniature Vacuum Systems
  • Small volume <600 mL​
  • High numerical aperture, 2 inch BK7 window with anti-reflection coating options at a variety of wavelengths​
  • Simple glass to metal sealed window design for robust operation​
  • Miniature ion pump, suitable to UHV/10-11 mBar pressure​
  • Very high window flatness < λ/10 to maintain low optical wave-front distortion​
  • Rubidium dispenser supplied as standard, other species available on request​
  • Additional options include:​
    • Optical prism package for easy production of cold atoms​
    • Side windows​
    • RF/DC Electrical feedthroughs for atom/ion chips
Control Electronics
  • High performance FPGA architecture​
  • Precision DDS waveform generation and timing control up to 5 GHz​
  • Buffered / isolated high speed I/O​
  • Flexible analogue & digital channels​
  • Reconfigurable & upgradable through software updates​
  • LabVIEW & Simulink custom drivers provided​
  • USB device support — E.g. Laser​
  • Temperature controller​
  • Future PID support (for frequency locking)​
  • Control all functionality via Ethernet or USB​
  • In-built security​
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) support​
  • Expandable​
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