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Semiconductor Processing

The Essex, UK facility is uniquely positioned to provide silicon processing services for optical devices and wafer processing. Teledyne e2v operates one of only a few Charge Coupled Device (CCD) fabs in the world, we call this the Ultimate CCD Fab. Building on this capability we can process 6 and 8 inch wafers and can support various device packaging operations.

Our Grenoble, France site is a state of the art facility with automated production areas including fixed cell and mobile assembly robotics. Offering small to medium batch silicon processing and image sensor manufacturing services, we call this the Teledyne e2v MicroFactory.

Coatings & Backthinning

As part of our specialist silicon processing capabilities we can offer a range of specialist on die anti-reflective coatings, package surface treatment and window spectral filter design and process capabilities including up to 8” silicon wafer backthinning and die, package and optical window coatings and filters.

Our proprietary backthinning technology and processing lines enable high quantum efficiency to be achieved from imaging sensors, and the majority of high-specification scientific and also space applications are backthinned.

The technology of thinning and back-illumination, that by avoiding losses in the electrode structure, enables a high quantum efficiency to be achieved right across the useful spectral range of silicon based image detectors for X-ray to near infrared wavelengths.

CMOS sensors offer advantages over CCDs for a number of these applications and it is possible to back-thin CMOS devices and obtain in many cases the same performance as the CCD.

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