Working together to grow the UK Space Market - 14th May 2019

Teledyne e2v, UKspace, Innovate UK and SPRINT are jointly hosting an SME Forum event that will be focused on how the industry can collaborate to help grow the UK space market.

14th May 2019 To be held at Teledyne e2v – Space Imaging Centre of Excellence, Chelmsford, Essex.

The UK Space sector was valued at £14.8 billion in 2018 and this is expected to rise to £40 billion by 2030, creating some 30,000 skilled jobs1. With such a positive outlook the opportunities for SMEs look set to rise. This event is aimed at creating dialogue and engaging SMEs both in Essex and from across the UK to explore how we can work together in order to generate maximum value from this opportunity.

To register for this free event:

Teledyne e2v Chelmsford, Essex facility front view


The format for the event:
  • Meet space industry business development, technology experts, scientists and engineers
  • Discuss collaborative opportunities and ideas on ways to further address the UK space and space export market
  • Meet members of the Quantum Technologies team at the Chelmsford facility
  • Meet representatives from the Teledyne Defence and Space RF and microwave group from the Shipley facility
  • Structured one-to-one meet the buyer meetings for regional and national SME's, (topic ideas below)
  • Keynote speeches (UKspace, Innovate UK & SPRINT) / learn about funding opportunities
  • Networking coffee and buffet sessions
  • Factory tours

Further detailed information on the above sessions can be found below in the Important Information section.


To register for this free event:

1Source: London Economics/UK Space Agency. 2Only one-to-one meetings requested and accepted in advance via the online booking system can be accommodated at the event.
Please note: Strict admission conditions apply. Participation only by advance registration and invitation. Terms and conditions apply.
All details subject to change. Please visit for more information.


For any questions relating to this event please email


SME Forum UK Space market Visuals

Images courtesy of ESA and UK Space Agency.


About Teledyne e2v and the Space Imaging Centre of Excellence

Teledyne e2v is a global leader in specialised components, subsystems, manufacturing and engineering services, and an engineering consultancy for innovative solutions in medical, science, aerospace, defence and industrial applications.

Teledyne e2v has an enviable heritage, with origins dating back to the 1930's. We have grown from the English Electric Company, later English Electric Valve, Marconi-Osram Valve and GEC. Today, we are part of the Teledyne Imaging Group within Teledyne Technologies Inc., a circa $3Bn NYSE conglomerate made up of over 60 companies.

As Teledyne's largest European subsidiary, we employ more than 800 people in Chelmsford, Essex, UK (known as the birthplace of radio) with a large base of scientists, engineers and skilled operators. Teledyne e2v also has facilities in Lincoln, France, Sweden and Spain and sales offices in Asia and the USA.

Resembling a technology hub in Essex, the wholly owned and secure 82,000 square metre Chelmsford site is ideally located, just 35 minutes from central London, has easy access to the M25, and is the home to a number of market and technology leading design, development and manufacturing operations including space imaging sensors, RF power devices and quantum technologies.

At Teledyne e2v in the UK, we industrialise customer mission critical technology to the highest possible standards of performance and dependability. In so doing, we are developing new sensing and instrumentation products, engineered sub-systems and providing access to SMEs and Blue Chips, to our people, facilities, manufacturing, engineering and assurance facilities, on a bespoke and shared services basis, in a way that creates value for all as well as long-term partnerships.

We are committed to growing our business, have, and continue to invest heavily in the UK in people, capital equipment, facilities and technology.

'Difficult to engineer and make' is an ethos that has developed unique resources and capabilities for us, which have led to decades of market-leading positions in vacuum electronics, energetics, radio frequency power generation, imaging, photon science and recently, quantum technology; of which we are at the forefront in the UK.

We empower the market leader in marine radars with our magnetrons; our thyratrons and magnetrons enjoy an installed base in over 90% of the world's radiotherapy machines (LINACs) and we are a key supplier of travelling wave tubes and energetics for defence applications.

Teledyne e2v's visible CCD imging sensors have helped the Hubble Space Telescope to make more than 1.3 million observations so far, becoming one of the most productive scientific instruments ever built.

The recent pictures of Ultima Thule where captured using our CCD imaging sensors which survived 14 years in space, aboard the New Horizons spacecraft, with all of its harsh radiation and vacuum, and worked perfectly 6 billion miles away – the world's most distant export.

Our CCD technology, that leverages our Class 100 space qualified clean rooms, and increasingly CMOS technology, continue to enable the missions of ESA, NASA, JAXA and ISRO as well as programmes for ESO in the astronomy market.

We are key suppliers to major scientific instrument providers and there is a new, rapidly growing, market for space that is refered to as 'new space' i.e. commercialisation of space technologies for mass adoption.

In essence, we at Teledyne e2v excel in anticipating and understanding customer challenges and are excellent at collaborating, we transform intellectual properties into capabilities and industrialise high-end technical solutions. We do these things as a trusted partner, which ensures mission and project success, not just in space and science markets, but does so, and can do so in any market, including the growing UK space programme, which we are committed to helping succeed.



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Important information
Structured one-to-one meet the buyer meetings for regional and national SME's

We hope to engage with specialist UK based suppliers who feel they have product, service and supply capabilities suited to silicon-based devices for operation in space, scientific and harsh environments. These structured 15-minute meetings will be aimed at opening new supply chain dialogue with Teledyne e2v.

Example topics and capabilities Aluminium Nitride (AlN) material capability, high-performance flexi-connector and termination or Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to propose the meeting subject.

Whilst we understand there is a wide supply chain requirement for Teledyne e2v and opportunities for the full range of SME’s in the UK, this event is focused on key enabling space supply chain technologies. We encourage any SME working within these fields or directly adjacent technologies to attend this SME Forum event. Any meeting topics proposed that we feel do not meet this requirement, may not be accepted, especially if demand is high for the event.


Meet space business development, technology experts, scientists and engineers

Teledyne e2v’s business development managers, chief engineers, technical authorities, scientists and engineers are available to discuss key space supply chain enabling capabilities. This is an opportunity for any SME currently engaged in supplying space qualified or up-screened components and sub-systems for space environments or those who have identified an opportunity to diversify their offering and capabilities into the space market but would benefit from advice, consultancy or even a partnership to bring your offering to the UK Space and export market.

Regardless of space market-related opportunity or idea, as part of these sessions, that will be organised as one-to-one meetings in advance, our team will also be able to discuss ideas on how we may be able to collaborate with organisations to increase value and de-risk projects and ideas.

Alongside these sessions, it is also possible to have meetings and discussions with members of the Quantum Technologies team at the Chelmsford facility and meet representatives from the Teledyne Defence and Space group from the RF and microwave solutions in Shipley facility.


Keynote speeches (UKspace, Innovate UK & SPRINT) / learn about funding opportunities

The partners for this SME Forum event will be delivering a few short insights on the UK Space market and export opportunities along with information on potential funding opportunities for UK SMEs working in or wishing to enter the space market. Alongside these introductions representatives from UKspace, Innovate UK, SPRINT and Catapult Satellite Applications will be on hand to meet with on a group basis or private one-to-one meetings to offer advice and information.


Networking coffee and buffet sessions

Teledyne e2v will be providing refreshments throughout the day and a buffet style lunch to allow SME’s to network with other SMEs, the event partners and Teledyne e2v staff, from across the business. If you are not attending a keynote speech or a one-to-one meeting at any point throughout the event we encourage you to network informally over a coffee or lunch for as long as you like using Teledyne e2v’s facilities.


Factory Tour

No visit to a technology company would be complete without a tour of the facility. Teledyne e2v staff will be taking small groups on a guided tour of the facility highlighting capabilities and also opportunities for SME’s to work with us, use our facilities or even consider joining us at the Chelmsford facility.

Key aspects of the tour will be the Class 100 clean rooms (unfortunately it is not possible to enter the clean rooms, but we have large viewing areas), get up and close to the space image sensors that observe the Earth and visit distant planets, as well as our quantum technologies development facility which are working on the industrialisation of gravity sensing, precision timing and cold atom generators for space applications.

The tour will also pass through the magnetron and thyratron vacuum technology production plant and around the wider site to give an appreciation of the size and heritage of the company.


  • Registration 09:30
  • Welcome 10:00
  • Morning keynote speeches, one-to-one meetings and factory tours
  • Buffet Lunch 13:00 to 14:00
  • Afternoon keynote speeches, one-to-one meetings and factory tours
  • Close 17:00


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About the partners for this event
SME Forum

UKsapce SME Forum Logo


The Forum is focused on the needs of SMEs and provides a low-cost route to a range of expertise and resource for a vital part of the space industrial community.

Membership costs are set at a rate to cover costs to run the Forum enabling SMEs to be part of the Space Community. Membership is open to companies that directly provide a service, manufacturing, development or consultancy capability in the Space sector.

The Forum aims to provide networking opportunities for members as well as opportunities to join relevant sector committees and attend space conferences and events at affordable rates.


UKspace – The Space Trade Association
UKspace Trade Association Logo



UKspace is the trade association of the UK space industry. We are dedicated to representing the interests of our Members and supporting them in growing and developing their businesses. As a UKspace Member, you have access to a wealth of information, advice, support and expertise from the UK space industry.

Members have a say on the way forward for the industry

Our Role:
  • Acting as the leading voice of the UK space industry
    Growing the UK's share of the global space market, by promoting the best commercial, political and public environment for the UK space industry
  • Promoting greater awareness in government, the media, the public and other key stakeholders of the wide-ranging benefits from one of the UK's most innovative, high skilled and value-adding sectors
  • Acting as the focal point for any organisation commercially involved in space systems and related services in the UK
  • Providing the primary forum for industry dialogue with the UK government and with other national and international stakeholders
  • Supporting the space SME community

UKspace companies are helping to deliver a space-enabled future and acting as an engine for growth for the UK economy.
Graham Peters, Managing Director of Avanti Government Solutions, and Chair UKspace.

UKspace: promoting space jointly with ADS and techUK


Innovate UK

Innovate UK logo

We are the UK’s innovation agency.

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. For more information visit UK Research and Innovation's website.

We drive productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas, including those from the UK's world-class research base.

Who we are

We are an organisation of almost 500 staff, drawn mainly from business. We work across the UK, with a head office in Swindon.

Our responsibilities

With a strong business focus, we drive growth by working with companies to de-risk, enable and support innovation.

We connect businesses to the partners, customers and investors that can help them turn ideas into commercially successful products and services and business growth.

We fund business and research collaborations to accelerate innovation and drive business investment into research and development.

Our support is available to businesses across all economic sectors, value chains and UK regions.


SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology)



The SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) programme provides funded support up to £90,000 and unprecedented access to university space expertise, data, technology and facilities. This can help SME businesses to develop new commercial products for space and other key sectors.

The new, £5 million SPRINT programme is supported by Research England and is being delivered by a consortium of five of the UK's leading space universities, led by the University of Leicester and including the University of Edinburgh, Open University, University of Southampton and University of Surrey.

This unique UK university partnership offers over 150 specialist space capabilities to support SMEs including systems and hardware, software and data, products and services, and facilities and expertise.

The programme will support UK small to medium enterprises in the innovation and development of new space-enabled technologies, services and applications, helping them to enter the growing space sector with existing and new products, and using technologies or data from space to innovate products for their markets.

For more information on the SPRINT programme, visit


Catapult Satellite Applications

Catapult Satellite Applications logo


We are a unique technology and innovation company, boosting UK productivity by helping organisations harness the power of satellite based services. We’re driven by how our actions help the organisations we work with, both large and small, bring new services to market. By connecting industry and academia we get new research off the ground and into the market more quickly.

We are one of 10 Catapults, established to transform the UK's capability for innovation in specific areas and to help drive future economic growth. We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

Our aim is to support UK industry by accelerating the growth of satellite applications and to contribute to capturing a 10% share of the global space market predicted by 2030. We are achieving this by exploiting the innovation potential in the UK industrial and academic communities, by being a focal point where small and medium enterprises, large industry and end users can work together with researchers to challenge barriers, explore and develop new ideas, and bring these to commercial reality.


Important Notice

Please read the following information carefully in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable visit to Teledyne e2v.


Pre-visit identification requirements and registration on the day:

The following procedure will apply for all visitors to Teledyne e2v for this event.

  1. Following your request for registration for this event using the event registration system, Teledyne e2v will confirm receipt of your request.
  2. All visitors and vendors are to please provide a scanned copy of a non-expired government issued form of identification to Teledyne e2v will conduct denied-party screening prior to confirming your invitation to the event.
  3. Once your identification is received an acknowledgement will be sent within a week confirming our acceptance. The invitation will be sent to you nearer to the time of the event.
  4. On the day of the event, all vendors and non-employee visitors must provide a non-expired government issued form of identification and be denied-party screened prior to receiving a badge or being granted access to a facility. Should you fail to bring an acceptable form of identification on the day, admission will be refused.
  5. You must wear your assigned visitor’s badge in a visible manner at all times during your visit and return this upon your departure.
  6. You must ensure you are accompanied at all times by a member of the Teledyne e2v staff during your visit.
  7. You must be 18 years or over to participate in this event.


Access requirements:

Please notify us in advance of any special access requirements or arrangements we may be able to make in order to improve your experience at Teledyne e2v or cater for your needs.


Dietary requirements:

Please notify us of any dietary requirements using the registration system.


Terms and Conditions of this event:
  1. All one-to-one meetings are by invitation only. All meetings will be requested via the online registration system for this event and will be confirmed by Teldyne e2v prior to the event.
  2. Meet the buyer and any other meetings topics will be restricted to the scope of the event and topics outlined above.
  3. Teledyne e2v has the right to decline admission to, or cancel, this event without notice.
  4. The schedule and all details are subject to change.
  5. Photography at the event is forbidden except by nominated Teledyne e2v personnel.


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For any questions relating to this event please email

Published 2019-02-25
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