Delivering custom system solutions for radiotherapy

Teledyne e2v is unlocking the future of radiotherapy with bespoke system solutions at ASTRO 2022, 23-25 October, in San Antonio, Texas.

Teledyne e2v is committed to pioneering state-of-the-art solutions for radiotherapy technology. At this year’s ASTRO meeting, we are focusing on our custom radio frequency (RF) system solutions that enables manufacturers of linear accelerator (LINAC)-based radiotherapy machines to innovate faster with confidence.

Earlier this year we unveiled our new RF sub-system. It’s a turnkey solution that we have operated with LINACs, demonstrating that we can deliver more compact, versatile and integrated RF products.

Now we are working with equipment manufacturers at a broader system level. At ASTRO we will be exhibiting our standard RF system, which can also be offered as a custom solution, configured on radiotherapy gantries to specific technical requirements.

With this bespoke approach, Teledyne e2v seeks to partner with equipment manufacturers to enable radiotherapy systems that save space, are more reliable and improve the patient experience.

A bespoke system you can trust

We understand how crucial reliability is in the development of radiotherapy technology. The main purpose of our customised system-level approach is to give equipment manufacturers the freedom to innovate and meet the challenges they face.  

Why is it better to take a system-level approach? When a manufacturer chooses to focus on components in isolation, it soon faces the challenge of how to integrate and optimise the performance of different parts. This process can involve a long period of testing and troubleshooting before a system can become safely operational.

A system-level approach removes the hurdle of integration because each component has been designed to work together. Our RF system has already been tested into LINACs, so equipment manufacturers can concentrate on the design and development of other areas of the LINAC system – and accelerate time to market.

“The biggest opportunity for improvement comes from a custom solution at a system level,” explains David Rowlands, Head of Product Development and Applications at Teledyne e2v. “Our system is compact, reliable and delivers world-class performance, while giving manufacturers the flexibility to configure it to their bespoke needs.”

A sum of its parts

The RF system on display at ASTRO features a compact solid-state modulator; a radically smaller magnetron module with built-in shielding; a more compact circulator; waveguide; an automatic frequency controller (AFC) unit and a magnet. Also, we have an all-new digital control system that improves integration with front-end user interfaces.

Crucially, we have focused on how the products work together to improve our system’s flexibility and serviceability.  For example, by building the RF shielding into the magnetron module, we have removed the need for an external case to hard-connect the magnetron to the solid-state modulator, freeing up 30% more space in the RF subsystem.

By mechanically decoupling components in the system, we have increased the ways in which they can be distributed around the radiotherapy gantry. This enables equipment manufacturers to make the best use of the space available. 

The right partner

Teledyne e2v has been developing RF systems for many years, with a strong track record in the design.

When collaborating on solutions, manufacturers benefit from our knowledge and experience of designing and manufacturing the core products for RF systems and our technical expertise to source additional components. We are uniquely placed to work with clients to support the development of their new platforms.

At Teledyne e2v, we want to partner with leading manufacturers, working throughout all stages of platform development to ensure we meet our customers’ technical requirements. While our global footprint means that we can lend our expertise to radiotherapy manufacturers around the world.

We are committed to creating state-of-the-art RF systems to ensure that the next generation of LINACs operate effectively for as long as possible – and our partners deliver the best patient experiences.

Discover how you could benefit from Teledyne e2v’s custom system solutions at ASTRO 2022, 23-25 October, in San Antonio, Texas.



Published 2022-10-07
Relevance: Medical & Life Sciences Teledyne e2v