Teledyne e2v has over 70 years’ experience in the medical field and offers system manufacturers a range of solutions ranging from RF microwave products for radiotherapy, to spark gaps for lithotripsy, and image sensors for digital imaging applications.


We understand the challenges facing the healthcare landscape, including ageing populations and the management of healthcare spending, and through close partnerships with our suppliers, are able to offer customers agility and flexibility over our entire supply chain. This enables us to provide our customers with a fully comprehensive digital imaging solution.

Teledyne e2v also offers medical device companies a range of CCD and CMOS image sensor solutions and services. This includes Spectral-Domain OCT cameras for Optical Coherence Tomography imaging, X-ray dental sensors for intra-oral radiography and chip-on-the-tip CMOS image sensors for disposable and flexible endoscopes. We are also investigating imaging solutions for emerging markets such as robotic guided surgery.

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RF Devices & Systems

Our engineering teams works closely with customers from the initial concept, through to the design and development of platforms, as well as providing advice on the selection and optimisation of our products. Built on a reputation for excellence, our RF Power products are found in over 90% of the world’s radiotherapy platforms. We also develop and supply a range of magnetrons, thyratrons and solid-state modulators to all of the major radiotherapy systems manufacturers.

From our knowledge of high voltage and RF power engineering, we understand that RF systems need components and interfaces that are optimised to work together to achieve the performance, reliability and ease of use expected in radiotherapy. This is driving our innovation to develop fully integrated and tested RF sub-systems working in partnership with manufacturers for their future platforms.

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