Industrial & Machine Vision

Teledyne e2v has a long history in the development and supply of imaging solutions for advanced machine vision systems and applications. We also support the broadcast industry with high power RF generator devices and are leading in the development of the next generation of communication, sensing and timing devices utilising quantum imaging, cold atom technologies and caesium atomic clocks.

Machine Vision

Our product brands are high performance benchmarks in industrial imaging and machine vision around the world. Speed, resolution, and sensitivity are our hallmarks. From our most cost-conscious products to our fully bespoke solutions, we focus on our customers’ needs. Applications include:​

  • Factory automation and process monitoring
  • Identification & logistics
  • Quality inspection
  • Electronics & semiconductor inspection
  • Food & beverage
  • Transportation
  • Security systems

Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies are not just a thing of the future, they are here now, and will provide huge benefit and revolutionise commercial industrial applications. Teledyne e2v is developing highly sensitive gravity sensor systems that operate by cooling and measuring the effect of gravity on small quantities of atoms, known as cold atom sensors. Applications will include construction surveying and subterranean critical infrastructure mapping.

Furthermore, quantum clocks will bring a new level of accuracy not previously afforded to banks, stock exchanges and the power grid, whilst also reducing the reliance of GPS for synchronisation.

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