Customer Services

Should you have a defective product, our customer services teams will be happy to help you find a solution whether it be an investigation, repair or replacement. This page covers all your customer returns needs, however we ask that you read carefully the following information before proceeding and taking special care to select the customer returns form suitable for your product category.

To register your product return, please complete the form  below. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale for Teledyne e2v before completing.

  1. To allow us to process your return quickly and efficiently we shall require a purchase order covering the charge for evaluation, which we will advise you of when we receive your Return Material Authorisation (RMA) request, which consists of submitting returns request form below.
  2. We will ask for your agreement if the repair exceeds the fixed charge before we proceed, if applicable.
  3. We will send you our analysis report as soon as our evaluation is complete, and if applicable with our quotation for repair.
  4. If you wish us to proceed we will require an amended purchase order to cover the additional charge for repair, as applicable.
  5. If the product is beyond economical repair, no fault found or you do not want us to continue with a repair, you will only be charged for the evaluation charge, as applicable.

Please also read the following information carefully.

  • It is essential that a full and accurate description of the fault is given when completing the Return Material Authorisation (RMA) request form, including where applicable, the number of hours operated before failure occurred
  • We reserve the right to make a charge for the cost of evaluation if a product in warranty is found to have no fault
  • Some of our products are subject to export licence regulations and we may have to ask you to provide ultimate end user information, if this is the case we will contact you if this or further information is required
  • It is a condition of return that the returnee is responsible in ensuring that goods returned to us do not contain any hazardous substances or materials and are suitably packed to allow safe handling
  • In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, by requesting an Return Material Authorisation, you unconditionally agree that any Goods returned to us entitle us to act and interact with the Goods on the basis that we have title in the Goods from the point of creation of the customs declaration
  • If you want to return a product that may be hazardous please fill out the form below and request further information on how to proceed
  • If you have any other questions please use the form below to contact customer services

Please complete and submit the RMA form: Return Material Authorisation form