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Alison (Director, Transformation & Performance Excellence, Chelmsford)​

I am constantly inspired at Teledyne e2v to be part of a global organisation creating technology that makes a real difference to the world we live in. I’ve been fortunate in my 10 years with the company to work in a variety of operational, quality and management roles both in the RF Power and Space Imaging business units, and have always been excited by the opportunities presented and felt like I’ve been able to make a real difference. ​

As part of the wider Teledyne family, I have also really enjoyed the chance to travel and share best practice with other European sites. Today, I am Director of Transformation and Performance Excellence in the RF Power business, and as excited by the challenges and opportunities ahead of us as ever. For the last two years, I have also chaired our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (E,D&I) Committee and it gives me great satisfaction to be part of the progress and difference we are making here. I’m very proud to be part of the Teledyne e2v team, and of the knowledge that what we achieve really matters, be it treating cancer patients; protecting lives or exploring space!​

Tommy (Head of Sales APAC, South Korea)​

First of all, I love my job, my colleagues and Teledyne e2v.​

Right after I graduated with an MBA in Helsinki, Finland, I joined Teledyne e2v as a Sales Manager in Korea. After a few years gaining important work experience within this role, I was recognized for my achievements and as a result, I was promoted to the position of APAC Sales Director. The company is dedicated to developing its employees, and in 2016/17 I was privileged to be given the opportunity to participate in and graduate from a past company-specific education scheme named ‘Fast Track’ which enabled me to improve and develop my skills and abilities and build my internal network within the business. For me, the two most important values of company life are working with good colleagues and having the opportunity to earn respect within the organization. Teledyne e2v perfectly satisfies these two things. Teledyne e2v's working environment and fair processes make me feel highly motivated. These two things mean that I love my work and always achieve the best results that I can. I can safely say that life at Teledyne e2v is fantastic, and the work/life balance is wonderful!​

Marie-Charlotte (Ingenieur Marketing, Grenoble)​

I joined Teledyne e2v as a Product Marketing Manager in 2019 after graduating from engineering school. Today, the more I think about it, the more confident I am that I made the right choice. There are always plenty of innovative projects going on in the company, making each day different and exciting. As a young graduate, I particularly appreciate all the opportunities the company and my position offer. I have the chance to gain experience and take on greater responsibilities every day, and work with caring and highly skilled colleagues from all over the world. Teledyne e2v has the nice asset of being an international company with offices in various countries so you can do your job while discovering new cultures and living wonderful personal experiences.​

Jude (Project Manager, Chelmsford)​

My first position after leaving school was an Apprentice Technician at Teledyne e2v. Seven years on and the company is continuing to support my formal education and I have worked in various roles around the business – this has allowed me to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience of both engineering and project management. My colleagues are always happy to support those early in their careers, which makes working alongside them a pleasure. The medical and space products and the projects that I have worked on over the years have been technically interesting and I love knowing the positive impact the end products have on people’s lives.

Florian (Director, Machine Vision)​

I’ve been working for the company for more than 20 years, becoming part of Teledyne with the acquisition of e2v in 2017. Starting as a Project Manager for Space Imaging applications, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot and evolve within the company, changing from working in Project Management to Technical Marketing, then becoming a Marketing Manager and finally now a Business Team Leader, working in varied markets including Space and Medical and now Industrial. This journey has also led me to working in Hong Kong for a few years. I really enjoy the people in the company – everyone I meet is passionate and willing to ‘raise the bar’ up and up. Every day, I have the opportunity to help bring solutions to our customers, gathering and working with the most talented people to resolve issues.

Vincent (Market Development Director/VP - Machine Vision, Grenoble)​

Hi, I’m Vincent, I’m French and located in Grenoble, which is the heart of French tech in Semiconductors. I am the Market Development Director/VP for the Teledyne Imaging Machine Vision Sensor business unit. After my studies, I worked for a very big commercial corporation for 10 years, which taught me a lot, but the company was not very agile, and it was difficult to ‘change the world every morning’. After this, I spent five years in a start-up company where life was fantastic and the world was changing every morning, but resources were very limited and it was difficult to fulfil my ideas. For me, Teledyne, and the way it is made up of independent businesses, is the perfect fit in-between. I feel we are big enough to resource our ideas, but small enough to be agile and create new things – not only brilliant products, but also new ways of doing things.

I lead an organization of 25 people who are knowledgeable, smart and committed. We are responsible for marketing, product roadmaps, customized deals, and project execution. We are on the ‘crest of the wave’. We are providing customers today with what they would have asked for tomorrow. I try my best to give my people the right direction, processes and hopefully inspiration, to build Teledyne’s business for future decades. There is no need to say that I’m happy coming to the office every morning!​

Colin (Senior Director, IT, Imaging Group)​

Working now as Senior Director of IT for the Digital Imaging part of the Teledyne business, I joined e2v over 30 years ago as a sponsored student.  Along the way, I have enjoyed working in many disciplines; from sales to project management, to leading operational and engineering teams and responsibility for acquisitions and integration into the Teledyne family.  The diversity of the roles undertaken has presented many challenges but also many opportunities to meet with customers and suppliers as part of growing our business.  This, coupled with meeting many colleagues globally, all of whom share a passion to continually improve the way we do things.

The move into IT brought all this experience together as a leader for a talented global team.  My most recent change in role sees me focus on executing a large transformation project; one in which SAP will be deployed to all Digital Imaging businesses.  The technology change is just one dimension though, the real opportunity here is in business process change and the focus for me has always been about business engagement; working with great people to understand their business goals and how to utilize IT solutions and services to achieve these goals.  The recent acquisition of FLIR, with a large SAP deployment, brings with it the prospect of working with new colleagues, continuing to learn whilst integrating an international tech team. 

Why stay so long with one company?  As well as the diversity and opportunities presented by the Teledyne e2v business, I work with great people and have had opportunity to mentor and coach a number of very talented individuals over the years.  These have been some of the most rewarding experiences, particularly when you can help somebody realise their potential.  The opportunities keep coming!

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