Teledyne e2v provides key enabling technologies for space, military and civil aerospace platforms.

Our hi-rel processors, sensors and sub-systems are used in avionics, Earth observation satellites, planetary exploration and the largest space telescopes.

With an eye to the future we are also developing and commercialising the next generation of quantum technologies for space applications.

Space represents the most uncompromising of application environments, and consequently there are major engineering challenges associated with it. The space-grade digital and mixed signal devices developed by Teledyne e2v offer an optimal balance of performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.

As with space based applications the civil and military aerospace industry also demands the highest levels of product assurance, quality, service and support, backed by a proven history of reliable and traceable supply of which Teledyne e2v meets ESA, NASA, Mil-Spec, ARINC and AS standards. ​​​​